Sunday, September 11, 2011

Army Organization -

The United States Army is made up of 2 parts: the active and reserve components. The Active Component consists of soldiers who are on full-time active duty. The Reserve Component consists of the Army National Guard and the Army Reserve. The Reserve Component receives military training and is ready to be called to active duty if necessary. Army units can be organized in several ways, but the following example is fairly typical:

**The SQUAD is the smallest unit, consisting of eight to ten soldiers. The Squad Leader is a Non-commissioned Officer (NCO).

**The PLATOON includes the Platoon Leader (2LT/1LT), Platoon Sergeant (SFC) and two or more Squads.

**The COMPANY includes the Company Commander (CPT), First Sergeant (1SG), a headquarters and two or more platoons.

**The BATTALION includes the Battalion Commander (LTC), his staff and headquarters, the Command Sergeant major (CSM) and approximately three to five companies.

**The BRIGADE includes the Brigade Commander (COL), command sergeant major, a headquarters and approximately three to six Battalions.

**The DIVISION structure is the capstone element of our Army. It includes three maneuver brigades (armor or infantry) as well as several combat support and service support brigades or battalions.

-from the soldiers handbook


  1. What about the AGR (Active Guard Reserve) full time Guard and Reservists?

  2. Don't they fall under the "reserves component"? I'm assuming they do lol